'Cause I'm sailing on a boat

I realized yesterday as I was excitedly crossing number 24 off the 26 List, that there were a couple of things I had done but never blogged about! One of these things was number 9, drink wine on a boat.  Back in July 2011 , some very good friends of mine took me out on their boat.  This made for a really lovely day; however, there was not any wine involved.  Instead I drank beer on a boat (that's basically the same right??)  And even better I drank beer on a boat with my very good friends Becky, Lauren, Andy and their super sweet dog Bella.  Originally, when I created the list I thought that I would want to drink wine on a boat but it turned out that enjoying a cold beer on a boat with friends was even better.  Thank you guys so much for sharing this memory with me :)

Lots of Love,