The 26 List

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The 26 List
26 Tasks to complete during my 26th year of life

I only ended up crossing off 6 things out of 26!!  At first I was bummed that I only crossed off 6 but then I thought about the wonderful memories that I made while crossing those things off and realized that I am OK with not completing the list!  I also realized that I will not make my 27 list as difficult!! ;)
  1. Learn how to ride a bike
  2. Learn how to play guitar & play @ an open mic
  3. Read 20 books
  4. Take a trip to NYC & do all the tourist stuff
  5. Take the train to Washington D.C. to visit my good friend Lily
  6. Go to the movies alone
  7. Visit one place I've never been before
  8. Get a Psychic Reading
  9. Drink wine on a boat
  10. Hug a cow
  11. Start a Blog
  12. Swim with a dolphin
  13. Have my portrait painted
  14. Take a dance class
  15. Take a road trip
  16. Sleep under the stars
  17. Grow a vegetable garden
  18. Learn a new language
  19. Participate in a relay walk
  20. Climb a mountain
  21. Experience a sunrise & sunset
  22. Knit a scarf
  23. Visit a winery
  24. Cook or Bake something from scratch
  25. Go on a date
  26. Learn how to parallel park

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