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Back in March 2011, I crossed number 25 off of my 26 List and went on a date!  Having come out of a long term relationship, I hadn't exactly been on a lot of first dates.  In fact this would be my second "first date" ever in my 26 years of life and my first "first date" was when I was 16 years old (whole different ball game!)  So with that being said...please understand that I was incredibly nervous to go on this date.  But yeah!  I met a really fantastic guy at a little place called Barnes & Noble, sat in the Starbucks Coffee Shop there and we got to know each other over coffee & tea.

The anticipation leading up to the date was nerve-wracking!  A million thoughts ran through my head...What will I wear?  Will he like me?  Will I look pretty? What if I say something stupid? What if I trip or have something stuck in my teeth? Etc Etc Etc!!  My anxiety was at level CRAZY but thanks to my friends and co-workers (the ones that had to deal with me all day leading up to the date) I was as cool, calm and collected as I possibly could've been when I walked into the coffee shop.

We ended up staying there talking and laughing until we realized that the coffee shop was emptying out and Barnes & Noble was getting ready to close up for the night.  It really was a great first date!  I felt instantly comfortable with him, we had some really great conversations and I left on cloud nine.  Oh, before I continue I should introduce the cast of characters here huh!?

Meet Toph aka Topher aka Chris aka Coconut!  All I want to do is sit here and gush about all the types of wonderful he is but as a reader I'm sure you don't want to sit and read for the next five plus hours! So I will sum it up by saying he is one amazing guy that makes me incredibly happy :)

Meet Meg aka Meghann aka Maghann aka Tuff Stuff!  Oh wait - there's really no introduction needed here since you probably know me if you are reading my blog!

Here's the semi-sad part folks...after that date, I realized that I wasn't ready to date yet.  At that point in my life I knew how to be in a relationship but I was still figuring out how to be alone and love the company of me and only me.  Toph was completely understanding of the situation and we kept in touch via the world of facebook.  

But wait - there is a happy ending! Finally in August, we got back in touch and what started out as guitar lessons and singing together at open mics blossomed into a relationship that makes me uber happy!  It's funny how life works sometimes, I mean who knew that crossing number 25 off of the list would turn into such a lovely relationship?

So the equation goes as follows... Toph + Meg = A whole lot of happiness!

Lots of Love, 

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