It's all in how you mix the two...

So now that we are in the middle of January, I have about a month & a half to complete my 26 List!  Needless to say that's not very much time to complete 22 of the 26 things on the list....but I am determined to get as many done as possible before March 9th!  I guess you could say I am in "bust my butt to complete the list" mode and I mean business! Saturday kicked off this "bust my butt" mode when I had some very dear friends over to help me cross off number 24, cook or bake something from scratch.  Thanks to the help of my wonderful boyfriend Topher, our friends Nick and Libby, and their lovely little girl Brielle, I didn't have to choose between cooking or baking - we did both!  Here are the finished products...

Our main course for the evening!!  We made a from scratch alfredo sauce and pesto which was then served over spinach and ricotta stuffed ravioli.  Oh, and the pasta was all made from scratch as well!  DELICIOUS (and quite honestly I feel like that's an understatement!)

Dessert for the evening was a from scratch apple caramel cheesecake!  Of course I had to make it look fancy with the swirly caramel sauce and whipped cream....gotta showcase all that hard work!

Crossing number 24 off of the 26 List was a great success to say the least.  Not only did I get to cross another thing off of my list but I got to share it with some absolutely wonderful people.  It was really a group effort as all 5 of us were involved in the process.  All in all it was a great night filled with yummy food and awesome people! 

There were some things that I learned from this experience as well:
* Many ingredients are needed in the process (my pantry and fridge are now stocked with a whole bunch of "staple items")
*Pasta making takes forever BUT it is super worth it!
*Many MANY dishes etc are dirtied when making things from scratch! So many of them...

Now to figure out what I'll cross off next!

Lots of Love,