One two three set, ready set go!

Alright!  As of today I have 46 days to cross off as many things as I possibly can from my 26 List!!  When I sat down and created that list I was being super ambitious (understatement!) I truly thought that I would be able to complete everything on it without a problem...WHAT WAS I THINKING??  There are some things on there that are just not getting crossed off and I have accepted that, there are others that I can roll onto my 27 List and there are some that I can complete in the next 46 days!  So let's break down the list here and see how this is all going to work out...

1. Learn how to ride a bike - Okay so I could make this happen before I turn 27 but I am terrified!  That's right I am afraid to ride a bike...I never learned when I was younger and now for some strange reason I'm freaked out by the whole concept.  I give this one a maybe...we shall see!

2. Learn guitar and play at an open mic - I have learned one song on guitar but I didn't actually learn how to play different chords and such.  I just focused on playing this one song (which quite honestly needs some work before I even think about playing it infront of anyone) I have sang at many open mics with Toph but I haven't played on my own.  Maybe I can get him to teach me some chords etc so that I can say I have learned the basics and semi-cross this one off!

3. Read 20 Books - So this one is in the works and is totally do-able!  Thanks to Libby's suggestion I am going to listen to some books on tape as well to make crossing number 3 off a bit less time consuming.  I have a pretty long commute to work each day so listening to books on the way in will make it easy to cross this off and it will make my commute a bit more interesting :)  (Thanks Libby for this idea!)

4. Take a trip to NYC - this one is just not going to happen while I am 26 BUT I do want to roll it onto my 27 list!  I want to plan a short weekend trip to NYC - maybe go see a musical and do some fun touristy stuff BUT it will have to be after March!  Number 4 will be rolled to the next list.

5.  Take the train to Washington D.C. to visit my friend Lily - My friend has since moved so I will not be going to visit her in D.C. :(  and as of right now I don't have an urge to visit there SO  Number 5 is not going to be completed at this time and will not roll forward...

6. Go to the movies alone - Super easy to do!  I'm thinking I'll complete that one this weekend or next - I just want to find a good film to see! (Any suggestions?)

7. Visit one place I've never been before - Another easy one!  It turns out there are many many places I have never been - just gotta pick the place and cross this one off!

8. Get a Psychic Reading - I feel like this one will also be easy to cross off, I just want to go somewhere neat (I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations on this one too!)

9.  Completed

10. Completed

11. Completed

12. Swim with a dolphin - not happening in the next 46 days unless I win the lottery and fly down to Florida...let's just move that to a "some day" list!

13. Have my portrait painted - I really want to do this one but I don't know if I will be able to.  A good friend of mine, Savannah, had suggested that I look into art schools etc. so I have started doing that today...anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?  Can anyone paint or know a painter that would be willing to do this for me?? Let me know! (There are really not any rules here on it being fancy...)

Okay so that's half the list!  Please let me know if you can help with the 13 things listed above or if you have any ideas/suggestions/input that would make it possible for me to get as many done as I can!!

To be continued...