DIY Projects - Flower Earrings

Here is a little DIY Project that I whipped up myself!! I am sure that I am not the first person to ever do this BUT I didn't stumble on this idea through Pinterest or a blog that I follow, I thought of it in my own noggin while I was at the craft store!  About 2 weeks ago, I made a pair of Covered Button Earrings and in order to make those, I had to purchase a pack of earring posts and backs.  After making a few pairs, I realized that I had quite a few earring making supplies left and the wheels started turning.  I went into Michael's in search of fun things that I could turn into earrings and I found these great little flower embellishments in the scrap booking section.  They were $4 for a package of 16 and they came in a bunch of different colors!!  I also had one of their fabulous 50% off coupons so I was able to buy the package for $2...pretty nifty!  Here is how I made them...

You will need:

Step One:  Open up the flower embellishments package, take out two of the flowers and remove the dried glue from the back of them
Step Two:  Place a small bead of hot glue onto the back of the flower
Step Three:  Press the earring back onto the bead of glue & apply pressure for a moment
Step Four:  Allow it to dry
Step Five:  Repeat steps one - four on another flower

Step Six:  Put them on and enjoy your cute new flower earrings!

These are super easy to make (as most of the DIY projects that I enjoy doing are) and the end result is adorable!  If you walk through the craft store and look at the different embellishments and stickers that are made for scrap booking, you will notice that they are many earring making opportunities all around you!!  If I try out any others, I'll share them on here so stay tuned!! ;)

Lots of Love,