Frugal Fridays - DIY Pastry Bag

This week's Frugal Friday is one that I have been using for quite some time now.  I don't remember exactly where I got the idea from, but I found it years ago and have sworn by it since!  I actually forgot about it for a while but this past weekend, I used this idea when I made these amazing Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwiches.

For those of you that enjoy baking, I am sure that there has come a time that you have needed a pastry bag.  You know, the bag made of cloth or plastic that you fill up with icing, frosting, etc and use to make your baked good looks professional & pretty!  Growing up, my mom had one that I loved using.  Using those pastry bags to frost cupcakes or design letters for the tops of cakes made everything look like we purchased it from a bakery.  Well with this nifty idea, you can make your baked goods look professional without going out to the store and buying a pastry bag!  Here is a simple & frugal way to make this at home.

You will need:

Step One:  Open up the plastic bag and fill it with whatever frosting, icing etc you are working with
Step Two:  Press all of the frosting into one bottom corner of the bag so that it is in a cone shape
Step Three:  Twist off the top of the bag and secure it by tightly wrapping the elastic band around the twist - this just keeps the bag in the cone shape and make everything a bit easier/less messy!
Step Four:  Take your scissors and cut the tip off of the end of the bag that the frosting is in
Step Five:  There you have it - a DIY pastry bag!  If you had a pastry bag in the past and still have the tips to make different designs, you can just place those on the end of the bag and secure with tape!

This is such an easy way to save a couple bucks and utilize items that you already have in your home.  Why go out and purchase something when you can make it in a matter of minutes and not spend a dime??

Lots of Love,