Fun & Festive Manicure!

Over the weekend I found this awesome manicure idea on Pinterest and had to try it!  I love doing my own manicures and I especially love trying out new creative ideas.  This one seemed easy enough but at the same time looked really fun and festive.  The funny thing is that I actually just learned how to make my own nail polish and posted about it here, but in order to try this manicure I had to use store bought nail polish.  Funny how I thought I would forever make my own nail polish and 3 days later, painted my nails with stuff from the store!!  I just could not resist the urge to try this fun colorful manicure out but as per usual, I digress!  Here is how to try this manicure out at home...

 You will need:

Step One:  Paint 2 coats of the white nail polish onto your nails and allow it to dry
Step Two:  Once it is completely dry, apply the glitter polish to the bottom half of each nail.  I made sure to get a lot of glitter and not too much polish onto the brush as I wanted to get as much glitter onto my nails as possible. (Side note - rather than holding the brush parallel to your nail, try holding it vertically and using the bottom of the brush to apply the glitter.  It will make it easier to get more glitter onto your nails!)
Step Three:  Distract yourself for a little while with a good book or a television show as this glitter portion may take a little bit of time to dry
Step Four:  Apply the clear top coat and YOU ARE DONE!! 

 Don't they look super fun??

Lots of Love,