Wind turns the trees into bone...

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Well Good Morning folks!!  Good Morning & Happy November!  

I feel like I haven't blogged in such a long time.  Life has just been so busy lately and then finally when it sort of calmed down, I got a really bad cold.  I thought it would just be the kind of cold that involves a little bit of sneezing, coughing and potentially going through an entire box of tissues but it turned out to be way worse!  For about 4 days total, I was exhausted and while I wanted to go about my normal day to day, my body would not let me.  Needless to say, it was not very fun and while I'm still not 100%, I feel more human than I have in a while!

Normally on Fridays, I post my weekly Frugal Friday but instead, I just wanted to apologize for being MIA for a week or so and fill you in on some Halloween festivities!!  Side note - there will be a Frugal Friday post later on and it's pretty nifty!!

From left to right:  Toph's pumpkin - Sanchez (check out the moustache), My pumpkin - Lenny (he looks sort of special), Charlie's pumpkin (he decided to shave the inside rather than carve the whole thing and it came out really neat) and Heather's pumpkin (I love how quirky it looks with the triangles and the different size eyes!)

Toph and I had a really fun time carving pumpkins with our friends Charlie & Heather a few weeks ago.  I realized while attempting to start the pumpkin carving process that I had yet to carve a pumpkin in my adult life.  Of course I did it as a kid but I clearly carved with a lot of assistance.  I say this because when I started to cut the top of the pumpkin I was holding the knife in a downward direction, not diagonally.  When I asked Toph if that was right, he kindly explained to me that if I was to continue to cut the top that way, it would fall right into the pumpkin.....OOPS!  So there is some proof right there that I had no idea what I was doing.  With some guidance and patience, I carved my first pumpkin without any assistance and I must say, I'm quite proud of it!!

This year for Halloween, we didn't exactly do a couples themed costume!  I mean, some friends and family put us together as "Sweet & Sour" or "Beauty & The Beast" which was pretty cool but it came down to the fact that he was set on being a zombie and I ended up putting together a fairy costume.  Ever since Zombie Prom back in May, Toph has been set on dressing up as a zombie for Halloween.  I on the other hand had no idea what to dress up as.  The week leading up to the party, I tossed around a couple of ideas.  I was either going to be a peacock, Betty Boop or a fairy.  After doing some shopping, I came to the conclusion that a fairy costume would be the most fun to put together and it really was!! 

Getting ready was really funny.  While I was putting flowers in my hair, wrapping tulle around parts of my dress and ultimately shedding glitter all over the apartment...

 Toph was creating flesh wounds with crushed oatmeal, liquid latex and fake blood.
Check out those creepy eyes!!

So that was my Halloween in a nutshell! 
How was your Halloween??  Did you carve pumpkins this year??  Dress up in a fun costume??  Hand out candy to the adorable trick or treaters in your neighborhood??  Whatever you filled your Halloween with, I hope it was wonderful! :)

Lots of Love,