Another Year Over & A New One Just Begun

It's official guys....I am in the last year of my twenties!!!  As my 28th year came to a close on Sunday, I realized that I once again did not complete my list for the year BUT I crossed a ton of things off this time!  With a total of 28 things on my 28 List, I only left 12 behind and a few of them are rolling over onto the 29 List.  

Sunday was such a wonderful day!  I actually started celebrating my birthday Wednesday evening  when I got out of work and then just kept on celebrating through Monday was awesome!  Monday night I sat down and starting working on my list for this year and it's almost done!  Until then, here are a few snip its from my happy happy birthday!

I kicked my birthday celebration off on Wednesday and met up with Justin for dinner!  We celebrated new jobs, Toph & I's engagement and my birthday!  It was so great to see him, catch up, and ask him to be my bridesman in the wedding!!!!

I left work on Saturday & spoiled myself with a manicure.  When I got there, my friend Tricia was there with cupcakes!  She had picked up a few cupcakes from this great bakery called Sweet Creations by Gloria.  We enjoyed said cupcakes while I was getting my nails done and it was a perfect kick off to birthday weekend!

I came home to a sparkling clean apartment, dinner and wine!  How amazing is my hubby to be??  There was also a small wooden box on the table...

When I opened it, I saw this! The tree is made out of toothpicks and moss and the bottom is filled with moss and jewelry.  Oh and did I mention that Toph made this??  Such a talented & thoughtful fella!

After dinner, I went out and bought myself a little something.  I have been meaning to purchase a nice guitar for a long time but never actually did it.  Finally on Saturday night, I bought this gorgeous guitar!  I signed up for guitar and vocal lessons so I really needed to finally do it and invest in a good instrument.  Now I just need to learn how to play!

On my actual birthday a couple of friends met Toph & I at a great restaurant called Rye & Thyme.  We enjoyed some delicious brunch & live music with some really great friends!  It was a perfect start to the day! 

Sunday  night, we went to my parents house and had a big family get together to celebrate.  It was a night of pizza, cake, gifts and lots of love & laughter.  I have the most wonderful family!!  My sister made me a card that is identical to a card I made for her on her 21st birthday which is really cool and my parents got us our cake topper for the wedding that I have been in love with since the moment I saw it!!  

Monday I got to spend the day with my lovely friend Christina who I just don't get to see enough of any more!  We used to work together so I was spoiled and got to see her every day!  We met up at the mall and had a day filled with delicious food, wine and shopping!  

That covers it!  My 29th Birthday was fantastic and I am very excited to finish up my new list so I can post it here on the bloggity blog and get the ball rolling!!  Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!

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