The 28 List

The 28 List
28 Tasks to complete during my 28th year of life!
  1. Learn how to ride a bike (yup, this one is still on the list!)
  2. Climb a mountain
  3. Write a poem or song lyrics
  4. Take a Yoga class
  5. Make wine
  6. Go to Boston or NYC to see a play
  7. Sew a dress
  8.  Make a piece of furniture
  9. Buy something at a yard sale (and potentially up-cycle it!)
  10. Make homemade bread
  11. Get my tattoo touched up
  12. Go on a fancy date (black dress & red lipstick required)
  13. Spend at least one night at a place on the beach
  14. Purchase a Swiss Army knife
  15. Ride a horse
  16. Go berry picking
  17. Have a spa day (massage, facial and maybe even a mani/pedi)
  18. Go to the Acton Arboretum
  19. Make Homemade muesli
  20. Read at least one book series
  21. Take vocal lessons
  22. Get CPR Certified
  23. Fly kites
  24. Make homemade pickles
  25. Go to a fair or carnival
  26. Paint a landscape
  27. Make fondue
  28. Knit a mug cozy
There it is, My 28 List!
Maybe I will actually complete my list this year.  Three times the charm, right!?