Completing My 28 List!

I have been seriously cracking down on my 28 List over the past couple of days!  It's funny because every year, on my birthday, I make this list and every year I end up crossing a bunch of things off right before my next birthday.  What can I say?  Apparently, I work well under pressure!!  This year, I have to give myself some credit because I ended up crossing things off throughout the year...not all of them, but quite a few!  Time just goes by so fast!  Before I knew it, it was February and my list was still full of things to do.  Here are the fun things I've been crossing off my list over the past few days...

On Saturday, I crossed number 17 off my list and had a spa day!  I went to Mia Bella Spa where my lovely friend Tricia works and spent about three hours there!  I got a facial, massage, manicure & was amazing!  I'm thinking about adding this to my list every year!!

Saturday night, Toph & I made a batch of homemade wine, crossing number 5 off of the list!!  It was pretty simple but we won't know if it was a success for another couple of weeks!  I'll have to keep you posted on said wine making!  If it turns out to be a delicious batch of wine, I'll share the recipe!

Sunday evening (when I was supposed to be working on homework), I decided to cross number 28 off my list & knit this very adorable mug cozy!  I had found these super cute buttons at the craft store a few months ago and I had this yarn left over from when I knit a scarf last year as that was on my 27 List!  This was a really easy knitting project and I highly recommend it for knitters in the beginner phase!  This mug cozy makes my morning cup of coffee that much more enjoyable!

Last night, I crossed number 19 off the list and made homemade muesli! YUM!!!!  This recipe is a mixture of oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, raisins, dried cherries & dried apples.  It is super delicious!  I'll be making this again for sure.  I found the original recipe on a blog called Hey Sweetie! but added a few different ingredients into mine (and yes, I totally stole the cute golden star toothpick idea from this blog as well)!

I also crossed number 10 off of my 28 list last night and made homemade bread!  I had originally planned on making a sandwich bread but after I found this apple bread recipe on The Cooking Nook, I knew that I had to make this instead.  I highly recommend this recipe!  It is super easy and WOWZAH it's delicious!!

Number 24 was crossed off the list last night as well when we made homemade pickles!  I found a really great recipe on a blog called Scientifically Sweet and was intrigued.  I always thought that making pickles was a complicated process but after reading over this recipe, I discovered that it doesn't have to be that difficult!  We made them last night so I don't know how delicious they will be but I have high hopes!!

Last but not least, we made homemade cheese fondue last night and crossed number 27 off my list!  I found this recipe on a blog called Fresh Scratch and like the whole pickles situation, realized that making fondue does not have to be that difficult of a process.  I picked up some bread and veggies at the store to dip into the fondue and I have to admit, it felt pretty fancy to enjoy some fondue for dinner! 

So that's that....SO FAR!  I still have a few other things I need to cross off of zee list between now and Sunday but I'm impressed with how many I have crossed off so far!  I know that I won't complete the list but I'm going to be pretty darn close!  If there is anything on my 28 List that you would like to help me with, please let me know!  I love crossing things off my list and making wonderful memories in the process!!

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