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Good morning!!  I started this morning with a cup of coffee in my orange coffee mug (aka my "happy mug") and some warmed up slices of chocolate chip banana bread.  While enjoying said items, I realized that I have been so caught up in all of the nifty DIY Projects I've been working on that I haven't posted about all of the lovely things that have been filling my days.   The past 2 weeks or so have been simply wonderful.  Of course, there has been the normal stress and some non-fun things to do etc as nothing is ever perfect BUT overall, things have been going quite well!  Here are some current happenings...

Last week, I added some new items to the Sunshine Meg Boutique (my little Etsy shop).  I added some super fun stud earrings and a few new flower hair clips!  This Pink rose hair clip is my favorite new addition!

 Speaking of the Sunshine Meg Boutique, I got another order which was super duper exciting!!!  When I created the shop, I wasn't sure if anyone would ever find my shop or order anything and I am so excited to say that there are some folks out there that have found it and ordered! YAY!! I had a lot of fun putting this package together and decorating the box with my newly acquired flower stamp :)

Sitting in our kitchen right now is the container pictured above.  Inside this container is some apple wine that is brewing away!!  That's right, Toph & I are brewing apple wine, YUM!  It's pretty cool to walk into the kitchen every morning and know that in the kitchen with me is a container full of apple wine.  I cannot wait to try it out!!

Two weeks ago, I got together with some family and friends to have a crafty day.  We all brought different crafting supplies so that we could make a variety of holiday crafts.  It was a really fun and uber productive day!  We got to spend some time catching up while we were making some very adorable crafty projects.  I have been posting tutorials on how to make them on here over the past week or so: Snowflake Ornaments, Cinnamon Stick Candle Holder & Hot Glue Glittered Snowflakes.  Coming soon: How to make the sock snowmen!

Back in March, Toph & I made a fort and I bloggity blogged about it here.  That fort we made in March was pretty awesome but we made an even better one over the weekend.  Well, by "we" I really mean Toph.  He is the maker of the forts....I just hand him the blankets.  I am the equivalent of a sous-chef when it comes to our fort making endeavors.  The fort pictured above took up the entire living room which was awesome!  We ended up baking cookies and watching TV in our fort....yes, we are kids at heart (and I love it!)  

I got into a musical!!!!!!  All growing up, I was involved in theatre and over the past 2 or 3 years I have not done any theatre at all. I got so wrapped up in my normal day to day routine that I forgot to stay involved in one of the things that I am the most passionate about.  I found out about the auditions for Avenue Q back in October and tossed the idea around.  I figured there was no harm in auditioning and I should just do it so when auditions came along, I went for it.  I was incredibly nervous but I did it and the next day I got the call from the director.  He offered me the part of Christmas Eve which I excitedly accepted and proceeded to do a little celebration dance after I hung up the phone!!!  The show goes up in February and MAN am I excited!!

When I went into work on Monday, there were a bunch of these adorably packaged baked breads on the counter.  The owners of my company are pretty amazing...the owner's wife baked a bunch of different flavored breads for the staff.  Things like this just reinforce the fact that I am very lucky to work where I do!!

That covers it....a couple of weeks filled with a whole bunch of wonderful!

Lots of Love, 

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